Meth Possession and Sales

Meth Possession and Sales

Defense Against Methamphetamine Charges

If you have been charged with meth possession or sale, you have the right to hire a dedicated criminal trial attorney. I can provide defense for people charged under California Health and Safety Codes:

  • 11377: Possession of meth
  • 11378: Possession for sale of meth
  • 11379: Transportation of meth
  • 11379.6: Manufacturing of a controlled substance, such as meth

Working out of my office in Lakeport, I serve people in that community, as well as Clearlake and the surrounding parts of Lake and Mendocino counties.

The Fine Line Between Meth Possession and Sale

People who possess meth for personal use are often charged with possession for sale, simply because of the amount they have. There may be no other indication that the drug was going to be distributed. In reality, the person charged may have had no intention of distribution at all.

Regardless of intent, a person charged with possession for sale of meth faces much more serious penalties than a person charged with possession alone. My first challenge in these cases is to convince the opposition that the charge is inaccurate. This is a challenge that I have the experience to handle.

Treatment is an Option

As a certified criminal law specialist, I know the options available to people charged with possession of meth. In many situations, jail time can be avoided if the accused agrees to a drug treatment program. Not only does this option keep a person from harsh penalties, it can provide a path to a better future for people who may have become addicted to meth. As your lawyer, I will provide you careful guidance. I will help you find the option that is best for you.

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Vehicular Manslaughter

Vehicular Manslaughter

Defense Against Serious DUI Accident Charges

Have you been charged with vehicular manslaughter/vehicular homicide? The consequences can be very serious, particularly if the individual was driving under the influence of alcohol. In some cases, a vehicular manslaughter conviction can mean life in prison. Obtain the experienced and quality criminal defense you need to successfully defend yourself against these charges.

As an experienced attorney and certified criminal law specialist, I serve as a Lakeport vehicular manslaughter attorney for people in that community, as well as Clearlake and the surrounding parts of Lake County and Mendocino County. Your freedom is at stake here. Don’t waste any time, and contact me for a free consultation to discuss the charges against you and what I can do to help.

Charges of Vehicular Manslaughter and DUI With Injury

When a person is killed in an accident caused by a drunk driver, the drunk driver will be charged with vehicular manslaughter. If the accident results in an injury, the drunk driver will be charged with DUI with injury. These are both serious charges that could result in long-term incarceration.

I take great care to work with accident reconstruction experts, forensic toxicologists and other experts who can help me gather the facts necessary to build a strong defense case for you. I will also heavily scrutinize police reports and any eyewitness accounts.

In California, less aggravated forms of vehicular manslaughter are known as “wobbler” offenses. This is because they can be charged as either a misdemeanor or a felony. The distinction is very important because it can mean the difference between jail or no jail. I will help you get the best possible outcome for your particular case by aggressively defending you and providing intelligent and thorough criminal defense representation.

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