Meth Possession and Sales

Meth Possession and Sales

Defense Against Methamphetamine Charges

If you have been charged with meth possession or sale, you have the right to hire a dedicated criminal trial attorney. I am attorney J. David Markham, and I can provide defense for people charged under California Health and Safety Codes:

  • 11377: Possession of meth
  • 11378: Possession for sale of meth
  • 11379: Transportation of meth
  • 11379.6: Manufacturing of a controlled substance, such as meth

Working out of my office in Lakeport, I serve people in that community, as well as Clearlake and the surrounding parts of Lake and Mendocino counties.

The Fine Line Between Meth Possession and Sale

People who possess meth for personal use are often charged with possession for sale, simply because of the amount they have. There may be no other indication that the drug was going to be distributed. In reality, the person charged may have had no intention of distribution at all.

Regardless of intent, a person charged with possession for sale of meth faces much more serious penalties than a person charged with possession alone. My first challenge in these cases is to convince the opposition that the charge is inaccurate. This is a challenge that I have the experience to handle.

Treatment is an Option

As a certified criminal law specialist, I know the options available to people charged with possession of meth. In many situations, jail time can be avoided if the accused agrees to a drug treatment program. Not only does this option keep a person from harsh penalties, it can provide a path to a better future for people who may have become addicted to meth. As your lawyer, I will provide you careful guidance. I will help you find the option that is best for you.

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Certified Criminal Law Specialist

Certified Criminal Law Specialist

He has been certified by the State Bar of California Board of Legal Specialization as a certified criminal law specialist. He is only one of three certified criminal law specialists in Lake and Mendocino counties.

The State Bar of California offers California lawyers the opportunity to become certified in nine areas of law practice, including criminal law. A certified specialist is more than just an attorney who specializes in a particular area of law. In order to be certified as a specialist by the State Bar of California, and attorney must:

  • Pass a written examination in their specialty field;
  • Demonstrate a high level of experience in the specialty field;
  • Fulfill ongoing education requirements; and
  • Be favorably evaluated by other attorneys and judges familiar with their work.

There are more than 160,000 active member. He is one of 358 attorneys who has been certified as a criminal law specialist by the State Bar of California.

By hiring a certified criminal law specialist, you will be hiring an attorney who has proven his proficiency in the area of criminal law.

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Effective Criminal Defense for People Charged With Sex Crimes

Sex Crimes

Have you been charged with a sex crime? If you understand the severity of the penalties you could face if convicted, you know that you need to fight these charges. I can help. I am attorney J. David Markham, a certified criminal law specialist. I can provide defense for people accused of:

  • Rape or sexual assault
  • Statutory rape
  • Sexual abuse
  • Child molestation
  • Child pornography
  • Lewd and lascivious conduct
  • Internet sex crimes

Working out of my office in Lakeport, I can serve as a Lakeport sex crimes attorney for people in that community, as well as Clearlake and the surrounding parts of Lake County and Mendocino County. Contact me for a free initial consultation.

Child Pornography

The penalties for child pornography are harsh. They include serious jail time as well as being a registered sex offender. If you think you are being investigated for child pornography, act now and seek legal help immediately. Child pornography charges can include:

  • Online solicitation of a minor
  • Distribution of child pornography
  • Possession of child pornography

Sex Crime Convictions Require Sex Offender Registration

Rape and Statutory Rape

While fines and incarceration are certainly serious penalties, the penalty that makes sex crime charges especially important to fight is mandatory sex offender registration. People convicted of a sex crime are branded as sex offenders, and that stigma stays with them for life. They have to keep the government informed of where they are. Neighbors will know, and they will react accordingly, as will potential employers and institutions of higher learning. Life may never be the same. I will work hard to prevent you from having to face these serious consequences.

Investigation of Sex Crimes and False Accusations

Immediately, I will begin your sex crime defense case by sending an investigator to talk with witnesses and gather every detail that could possibly prove critical to your case. I will review the videotape or audio recording of any statement made by the alleged victim. This is important, because there are details there that might not have translated to the police report. It will allow me to see how the questions were asked, how the victim was acting when responding and how they answered the questions specifically.

In cases involving false allegations, I will bring in psychiatrists, experts on false memories and other experts who may be able to help deconstruct the accusations made against you. I will see that no stone is unturned and no option is left unconsidered. I will work hard to get you through this.

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