Defense Against Charges of Stealing

Have you been charged with grand theft related to accusations of stealing from another person? Perhaps you were accused of stealing from a parent, grandparent or other loved one. No matter what the situation, you are facing serious criminal charges. This is considered theft, and you could face misdemeanor or felony charges. Fight them.

Working out of my office in Lakeport, I serve people in that community, as well as Clearlake and the surrounding parts of Lake and Mendocino Counties. As a Lakeport grand theft attorney and certified criminal law specialist, I have the experience to get results in cases involving grand theft charges. Contact me to schedule a free initial consultation.

Grand Theft and Embezzlement Charges

Allegations of financial abuse that result in grand theft or embezzlement charges can come in many forms. Sometimes, the charges/allegations are simple: You were accused of taking money from another person’s wallet. In other cases, the allegations are much more complex, involving coercion or diverting money from another person’s bank account into your own.

No matter how challenging a case may seem, I know how to handle it. I do not limit myself to the traditional paths taken by criminal defense lawyers. I am willing to consider one-of-a-kind approaches to cases that involve new and unique challenges. I will find a way to get results.

Misunderstandings Should Not Result in Criminal Charges

It is not unusual for these charges to be based on misunderstandings. Yes, money may have been taken, but that money may have been taken with the other person’s permission.

Sometimes, a thorough investigation is necessary, particularly when the allegations involve much more complex situations. I will work with investigators, forensic accountants and other experts to ensure that all relevant facts come to life. I will work with the prosecutor to have the charges reduced or eliminated based on weaknesses I find in his or her evidence and case.

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