Child Molestation

Child Molestation

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Child molestation charges are very serious. Those individuals who have been accused are potentially looking at lengthy jail time sentences and even worse, a lifetime as a registered sex offender. The sex offender registry is often equated by some as a lifetime in jail. No matter where a person goes, they are labeled a sex offender, face extreme social stigma, residential restrictions and often difficulty with career opportunities and employment.

As an experienced California criminal defense attorney and certified criminal law specialist, I can help you fight any allegations of child molestation. I have been able to get clients acquitted, while with others, I work hard to reduce charges and/or the consequences of conviction. Contact me for a free consultation.

False Allegations of Child Molestation

In child molestation cases, children can be easily influenced by adults, parents, teachers, social workers and even police. This leads to misunderstandings and even false allegations. That is why it is so important you seek legal counsel as soon as possible in order to start building a strong defense.

Child molestation and other sex crimes accusations can include claims of sexual abuse, statutory rape, inappropriate touching of a minor, inappropriate touching over the clothes and indecent exposure.

The penalties under the statute can vary and depend on any past criminal history and the age of the child. In order for the prosecution to convict you for child molestation, they must prove that the touch was willful with the specific intent to arouse or gratify your or the child’s sexual desires. I will aggressively argue against this by using the facts in your favor as well as any discrepancies in the child’s version of events.