Medical Marijuana

Medical Marijuana

Defense Against Drug Charges Related to Medical Marijuana

Have you been accused with a drug charge because of your need to use medical marijuana? I can provide defense for people charged under California Health and Safety Codes like:

  • 11357: Possession of marijuana
  • 11358: Cultivation of marijuana
  • 11359: Possession for sale of marijuana
  • 11360: Transportation of marijuana
  • 11379.6: Manufacturing of a controlled substance, such as marijuana hash

Working out of my office in Lakeport, I serve people in that community, as well as Clearlake and the surrounding parts of Lake and Mendocino counties.

How Much is “Too Much” Medical Marijuana?

Police will find what they consider to be a large number of marijuana plants. They will charge the owner of those plants with a crime, saying that it is too much to be for personal medical marijuana use. They don’t understand how much usable marijuana each plant can produce. The truth is that the people who own these plants rarely have as much as they are perceived to have by the police, but that doesn’t stop them from being charged with serious drug crimes.

A similar problem arises even with harvested marijuana. A person may be pulled over by police and found to be in possession of five pounds. The police may consider this amount too much for personal use, and charge the person with possession for sale. In reality, this is simply a matter of perspective. I understand how to defend against these charges, including in cases that involve cooperative and collective medical marijuana growing groups.

Medical Marijuana

Defense Strategies in Medical Marijuana Cases

As a certified criminal law specialist, I know the defenses available to people facing drug charges. I know that trial may be the necessary end to these challenging cases. My trial preparation strategies include enlisting experts, such as medical marijuana expert Chris Conrad, to educate juries about how the drug is used. I build cases on facts.

Of course, not every case needs to go to trial. In many cases, diversion programs are available that can create simple routes through the criminal justice system, routes that do not end with jail or a criminal record. As your lawyer, I will work with you to determine the path that makes the most sense in your case.